I begin a painting, then end it. I push and pull it. Like a roller-coaster
   some rides are gentler than others. Paint goes down, and then more,
   until I have something to start. Only there does it really begin,

   like landing on a field. In an organic manner, I respond to what is
   in front of me.


   Valerie Capewell



Art and design emerge from a blend of insight, inspiration, and innovation. In my studio, serendipitous 'accidents' not only push my creative boundaries but also pave the way for works that take on lives of their own. Each project begins with an intention, yet often ends beyond expectations, offering a shared journey of discovery and surprise.


After leading a graphic design and illustration company for nearly three decades, my path evolved into a full-time artistic endeavor. This transition is enriched by a diverse educational background—from Emily Carr College of Art through fashion design and illustration at Ryerson University, to graphic design and art at Vancouver Island University. This foundation has not only shaped my approach to creating but also ensures that each piece speaks a universal language of colour, form, and emotion.


My work is characterized by its bold scale and vibrant palette, designed to engage and provoke thought, making it a natural fit for both private and public collections globally. The recent exploration into surface design allows for a fusion of texture and colour, offering a new dimension to how my art integrates into daily life, subtly nodding to influences like William Morris while maintaining a contemporary edge. You will no doubt notice the natural patterning in some of my paintings.


In pursuing originality, my aim is not just to create art but to foster an environment where each piece invites reflection, dialogue, and a personal connection. As I navigate the artistic landscape of South Okanagan from the rain forest of Vancouver Island, I'm inspired by the prospect of unspoken conversations through art, enriching the fabric of our shared spaces and experiences. 


Get lost in my art, where each piece not only tells a story but also shows my pursuit of creativity and self-expression.Less




Emily Carr University of Art + Design - Art Foundation
Ryerson University – Fashion Design & Illustration
Vancouver Island University - Graphic Design


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Ottawa | Sept 2020

IDS Vancouver | September 2019 [Interior Design Show]

ArtVancouver | March 2019

IDS Vancouver | September 2018

IDS Vancouver | September 2017

Rev-er-ie - Solo show March | Vancouver 2017

ColourPlay - Solo show Sept | Vancouver 2016

Art BC