Wearable Art

A Blending of Creativity and Utility


Embarking on a journey where art meets design, my creations are a testament to this seamless blend.


For years, my art has evolved, drawing inspiration from the legendary William Morris, a master of pattern design from the 19th century. His intricate work, discovered in the quiet corners of a library, never hinted at becoming a cornerstone in my own artistic journey, especially from my island studio.


Over time, my art naturally embraced patterns, echoing my admiration for Morris's style. Yet, my approach diverges – it's spontaneous, unstructured, a dance of brush and colour responding to the canvas's call. Each stroke, splash, or line initiates a conversation, leading to intricate layers that signal completion.


I'm thrilled to share with you a collection where art isn't just seen but experienced. Keep an eye out for the launch of each unique piece in this wearable art series.